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Welcome to Beekeeper’s lodge Arslanbob guesthouse

The guesthouse is situated in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan in 5 km from Arslanbob village, in 690 km from Bishkek city, in 170 km from Osh city and 75 km from the nearest city of Jalal-Abad.  There is a public transport that goes to Arslanbob from Osh abd Jalal-Abad cities.  

The settlement is located at the foot of the Babash-Ata mountain peak, that is 4436 meters high. More than 21 thousand inhabitants, mainly Uzbeks are live here. The traditional way of life has been preserved here, so you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture and see the real oriental atmosphere.

Arslanbob is famous for the largest walnut forest in the world and is a tourist attraction. The reserve’s area is 700 hectares, and over 130 species of trees and shrubs grow on this territory, but walnut trees are the most noticeable part of the forest. The height of the trees can reach  up to 30 meters, and their age can exceed 1000 years, and each tree brings from 150 to 400 kg of nuts every year. Usually, walnut forests grow at an altitude of 1000 to 1800 meters above sea level – the village of Arslanbob itself is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

Two waterfalls Big (80 meters) and Small (35 meters) attract much of the attention, they can be visited during the day by organizing a walking, cycling or horse tour. This can be done by the convenient location of the guest house.

Also on the territory of the reserve there are several lakes, one of which is a sacred alpine lake and is called Köl-Mazar. The trip to this lake usually takes 3 days, along a mountain ridge with indescribably beautiful views of the entire valley.

Along with visiting the sights, you can fully feel the rhythm of local life, directly participating in a particular activity of local people. For example, local people mainly keep livestock, grow potatoes, collect nuts in the fall, and are engaged in beekeeping.

Taking a walk around the village, you can get acquainted with the locals who are happy to share different stories from life in Arslanbob.

    • There are 2 double and 1 twin room in the guesthouse. 
    • There is a shared shower and toilet.
    • The dining room in the guest house is located in the courtyard under the trees and is presented as arbors.
    • Electricity in the house is supplied 24 hours a day. At any time, guests can charge their phones, cameras and all the necessary gadgets or work at their computer.
    • Due to the remote location from villages and cities, as well as the mountainous terrain, the Internet connection is limited – only via mobile Internet. There is no public Wi-Fi in the guest house.
    • Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are not provided. You may bring your own drinks with you.
    • Minimum package of services in the house – accommodation with breakfast.
    • Bed and breakfast – $ 15 per person per day
    • Lunch at home – $ 7 per person
    • Ordering a separate lunch or dinner without accommodation – $ 8 per person
    • From 1 year to 3 years – free
    • From 3 years to 5 years – 50%
    • From 6 years to 10 years – 30%
    • Taxi from Bishkek to the guesthouse – $ 200 (1-6 people)
    • Transfer from Bishkek to the guest house – $ 375 (tourist class jeep, max for 3 people)
    • Transfer from Osh to the guest house – $110 (1-2 people), $160 dollars (up to 5 people)
    • Services of a local guide for a day trip to two waterfalls – $ 30
    • Beekeeping master class – $ 15
    • Master class in cooking pilaf from the hostess – 25 dollars
    • Uzbek folklore show – $ 80 
    • Laundry – $ 10 at a time
    • The booking of the accommodation or other services of the yurt camps can be done through the reservation section on the web-site, or by e-mail info@nomad-lodge.com. Orders by phone or orally are not considered and accepted.
    • Along with a written confirmation, a voucher describing all booked services will be sent to your mailbox. Without the voucher, camp services will not be provided and will not be refunded.
    • Payment for the camp services is accepted via VISA card while booking or by bank transfer within three working days after receiving of the voucher with the specified bank details.
    • For cancelations made more than 7 days in advance – no penalty fee will be charged.
    • For cancellations made less than 7 days in advance, but more than 2 days in advance, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.
    • For cancellations made less than 2 days in advance, no refund will be made.


    Accommodation option

    Bed and breakfast


    15 $ per Person


    Room type

    Lunch at home


    7 $ per Person


    Room type

    lunch or dinner without accommodation


    8 $ per Person


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    " Very good and not very expensive hotel"

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    " Best possible hotel in Arslanbob"

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