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Kyrgyzstan is going to be popular destination for adventurous travelers nowadays thanks to its spectacular landscapes, fertile valleys, impossibly-blue lakes and rolling grasslands dotted with traditional yurt encampments, huge choice of trails with varying degrees of difficulty from easy to extreme. 

There are several reasons that give trekking in Kyrgyzstan more popular activity due to visa-free policy and good air links, trails of the Tien Shan and Alay mountain ranges that are rarely overcrowded. You can go along the route for several days and meet only shepherds and none of other tourist. In the high mountain pastures, you can get acquainted with the locals, who still pursue a nomadic lifestyle.

The possibilities of trekking destination are endless. Some trails are established, some are not marked, and passes often-cross 2500-4000 m, so basic trekking skills: map reading, weather assessment, good staying power are essential. In terms of trail length, there is no limit. Some part of the country, like bordering areas with Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan requires each single tourist to have a border permit. Treks started from one-day easy treks to moderate ones. All routes available based on season, physical conditions of trekkers and place to visit. 

The ideal season for trekking in the country is the period from middle of June to mid-September. The passes will be snow-free at this time and the weather warm enough to have overnight in tents. When hiking be aware you will need a tent, a mattress, a sleeping bag, your backpack and good waterproof trekking shoes as well as trekking poles.

While trekking in Kyrgyzstan you can see the untouched beauty, pristine nature, rare flora and fauna representatives, drink clear water from a spring, admire the unique beauty of natural landscapes and formations. Overnights are in tents. The boundless black sky strewn with milliards of stars will scatter overhead at night.

 There are a large number of trails. The following areas of the country are the most favorite among the travelers: 

To the northern part belong Ala Archa, Alamedin, Issyk Ata, Chon Kemin, Chui valley,  Altyn Arashan and Karakol gorges, Jergalan Valley, Eki Naryn valley, the plateau of Son Kol lake and Kel- Suu lake, Talas range;

To the southern part belong Karavshin gorge, Chatkal valey and Arslanbob valleys, Sary Chelek Lake and Alay and Pamir-Alay ranges.

Tours possible to change and made it for travelers’ requirements. If the feeling of freedom in unknown places appeals you, if you like enjoying the nature far from the civilization and you are not afraid of long walking passages and overnights in tents, then a trekking tour can be an excellent choice for travelling in Kyrgyzstan.

Rafting is one of the most exciting outdoor adventures in Kyrgyzstan. There are routes for both professionals and beginners. Kyrgyzstan is incredibly rich in mountain rivers with twisting turns and spectacular rapids, then rafting guarantees you the maximum squall of the most adrenalinous and enthusiastic emotions. 

The most popular rivers for rafting are the deep-water Chon-Kemin, Chu, Kekemeren and Naryn. The rivers Chu and Chon-Kemin flow in the Chui Region are the most popular among beginners. A part of the river passes through the Boom Gorge and this section is known as ideal for those who make their first rafting trip. The access to the river is easier here than in other places, the rapids are more manageable. The Chon-Kemin River is a major tributary of the Chui River. Its length through a mountain gorge is 116 km, which also creates many difficult rapids. The Chon-Kemin area, with its green hills and snowy mountain peaks is ideal place for rafting among beginners and experienced lovers.

However, the river Kekemeren and the upper Naryn often require a lot of experience and teamwork. 

In addition to the Chu and Chon – Kemin rivers, Kyrgyzstan has a huge number of other rivers good for rafting: Sary-Jazz, Suusamyr, Naryn, Chatkal and many others.

Feel yourself one-on-one with the water stream that carries you, throws you from side to side, hits the bottom of the inflatable boat against the pitfalls, and you only use the paddle to maneuver in this stream. Moreover, at the end of the difficult way you come out of the water, even if not dry, but very satisfied.

Under the guidance of an experienced guide, you will learn how to use and control the boat, during rafting down the rivers. You will receive hydro suits and life jackets. Usually rafting takes 2.5 – 3 hours, at the distance of 25 km and can vary depending on your wish. This activity is possible to arrange from June until September.

The main thing to remember is that rafting involves proximity to rough water, and Mountain Rivers are not particularly warm, because they originate in glaciers and flow in shady gorges. Therefore, the most important thing for both beginners and professional rafters is to dress warmly. And those who really will not chicken out, who will not be afraid of the river cold temperature, or steep turns, or cunning, which are capable of mountain waters, he will really be worthy of those frank words of respect and sense of inner pride for his little personal feat.

Rafting is a huge portion of adrenaline, an unforgettable experience and a great pleasure and pride for yourself, because not everyone can decide on such an adventure. However, that even the most daring adventurers must follow safety rules. Although rafting is a fascinating time for each participant individually, it requires a well-coordinated teamwork. The level of difficulty of each route determines the age limits and the required level of physical preparation.

The pristine nature, diversity and richness of flora and fauna, inexpressible about the beauty of mountain landscapes and landscapes will create a pleasant atmosphere for a truly intense holiday. Rafting lovers who came to Kyrgyzstan will be satisfied.

Kyrgyzstan is a land of high altitude grass-lands, endless snowcapped peaks, huge lakes, and raging rivers. Friendly and unique culture of people all these give great opportunity for a fantastic and adventurous cycle tour. 

A huge variety of dirt roads, interesting mountain passes allow you to choose routes of any complexity, from the initial to the highest. There are over 300 cycle routes to explore in Kyrgyzstan. Most of the cycling routes are of the hilly or uphill type. Biking season, here in the country, lasts from June to September. Temperatures are comfortable and high passes are clear from snow. By summer the lower areas of the country are surprisingly hot. Do not forget to pack with you good quality sunscreen and clothing for all kinds of weather. Even in summer you find yourself pelted by driving rain, hail and snow from passing storms. These are usually short lived but you do not want to be caught unprepared in the mountains.

One should expect the fact that the most part of biking tour will be on dirt, gravel, and grass. About 30% of the roads in country are paved. Cyclers should expect many vertical climbs and falls since Kyrgyzstan is almost entirely mountainous country.  

Each bicycle tours in Kyrgyzstan usually provided with bicycles for travelers, protective equipment, overnight accommodation and tour guides if necessary.  Overnight accommodations on cycling tours are often in local family guesthouses, tents yurt or camps. Taste of local food, locally brewed kumys (fermented mare’s milk) and hospitality of locals makes you cycle tour the favorite in the world.

To the most popular destinations followed by bikes belong the following once: Issyk-Kul Lake, Tosor Pass, Ton Pass, the road from Bishkek to Osh, the road to Son-Kul Lake across Kara-Keche Pass, the road to Karakaman Valley, the path from Osh – Sary-Tash, Karakol Gorge, the Silk Road path from Bishkek to Torugart Pass and others.

Kyrgyzstan is filled with so much quiet, natural beauty and cycling is a great way to explore it at your own pace, but still be able to cover large distances.  

While cycling across Kyrgyzstan you can also see massive alpine lakes, walnut forests, waterfalls, canyons, reservoirs, rivers, fields and hot springs. 

Lovers of cycling can ride through small villages or yurt camps on the mountainsides, people on the way are very friendly and hospitable, one can notice that it makes cycling tours through the country more relaxing and full of unforgettable experience.

Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for a cyclist looking for adventure.

Kyrgyz people have lived thousands of years on this beautiful mountainous land, have witnessed the legendary epoch of the Great Silk Road. Local people could preserve the most of their ancient nomadic traditions and culture until nowadays.

One of the most fascinating ways to see all diversity of Kyrgyzstan is traveling by motorbike around the country. A trip on a motorcycle along steep mountain serpentines and picturesque valleys, extreme driving on dirt roads and off-road will be an unforgettable adventure for fans of two-wheeled transport.

Moto-cyclers should be ready for their riding time on gravel or dirt roads and the remainder on asphalt. You do not need to have extensive off-road riding experience, but you should be comfortable handling larger displacement motorbikes and riding for extended periods. Gravel riding experience and experience riding standing on your pegs is recommended. Typical riding days will range from 6 to 10 hours and cover 200 to 400 kilometers. About 90 % of each moto tour lays from 1,500m altitude until 3,000m or sometimes even higher. 

Good period to visit high mountains is from June through September. Rentals of motorcycles are available in the country.

The territory of Kyrgyzstan is so huge, among the most beautiful places to visit you can find Tien Shan Mountain range, Issyk-Kul Lake, Son-Kul Lake, Suusamir Valley, Tash Rabat Caravan Serai, Mels Pass, Karakol and lots of other spectacular places. The most splendid high-mountain road is the Pamir road pass and valleys surrounded by 7000-metre peaks such as Khan Tengri and Lenin Peak.

Kyrgyzstan is well known for its high mountains, green valleys, eternal glaciers and rivers. Here you will ascend and descend the most beautiful mountain passes of the Central Asian region. You will see incredible panoramas of the terrain and breathe in the clear mountain air. The tour will provide plenty of opportunities to meet locals and experience local hospitality and accommodation in the yurts of nomads as well as the visit to the ancient monuments. More than a motorcycle trip, what awaits you is an encounter with a country and its unique way of life.

Motorbike adventures are waiting for you in the magical country of Kyrgyzstan!

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most interesting country in Central Asia due to its beautiful mountain landscapes. The mountains reach over 7000 meters; the highest are peak Pobeda 7439m and Lenin 7134m. The Central Tien-Shan Mountains are located on the northern flanks of the Himalaya mountain range. Climate changes are extreme, during winter the whole region is covered with snow; in summer in the lowest parts the temperature can rise above +30 degrees Celsius. The ideal birding weather is in the spring and summer. Kyrgyzstan has a huge diversity of landscapes and habitats, which run from the high-altitude areas in the Tien Shan Mountains to desert areas on the Issyk-Kul Lake shore.

Now in the country, there are more than 400 species of rare birds, of which 57 species are enrolled in the list of protection in the system of state protection of the animal world. One can notice in Kyrgyzstan a variety of typical Himalayan mountainous species and western paleartic species. You can observe special species of local birds inhabiting in various landscapes of Kyrgyzstan as well as migrant birds. To the list of expect to see birds can be included such species as Lesser Sand Plover, Himalayan Snowcock, Demoiselle Crane, Ibis-bill, Lammergeier and White-browed Tit-Warbler in the mountains, and Mongolian Finch, Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Asian Short-toed Lark and Lesser Short-toed Lark in the deserts, White-winged Crossbill, Himalayan Rubythroat, Black-throated and Himalayan Accentors, Guldenstadt’s and Eversmann’s Redstart, Upland Buzzard and many species of Rose-Finches and the big and strong Himalayan Griffon Vulture and many of others.

While travelling in the country, you will get to know the great variety of biotopes, their bird populations and see the great diversity of landscapes in Kyrgyzstan. Between April and October each traveler who visits Kyrgyzstan with the purpose to watch birds watching, has a chance to see the spring and autumn migration of various birds that stop for a short rest in the lakes of Kyrgyzstan.

If you want to watch various species of birds who nest in the territory, wintering or migrate you should visit Issyk-Kul, to see flamingos there; Son-Kul lake at 3000 m, Ala Archa National Park, Chu Valley and its ponds, foothills and valleys of large rivers, gorges and steppes.

Travel in Kyrgyzstan will give you unforgettable impressions of nature, culture and birds diversity.

Kyrgyzstan is located in the heart of Central Asia and always had the importance on the Silk Road. The epoch of the Great Silk Road was the golden period in the development of cultural exchange for people of Kyrgyzstan. Caravans with goods moved mostly from the East to the West and brought here a lot of new knowledge and technology from other countries, but at the same time they took with them important information about local settlements and their inhabitants, religion and traditions. This was the way of the history of the countries on the Silk Road. It existed for over seventeen centuries and linking nations of the greatest civilizations of that epoch: the Middle East, Central Asia, China, India and Europe.

Through the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan ran three branches of the trade route: the Northern branch through Issyk-Kul to the territory of Kazakhstan, the Southern branch from Osh through Irkeshtam pass to Uzbekistan and the Ferghana branch. 

There are several historical monuments that is connected with the Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan such as Suyab (situated 6 km from the town of Tokmok), Balasagyn (Burana Tower), Navaket (the village Krasnaya Rechka), Uzgen (Osh region) and Tash – Rabat are only small parts of the famous trading towns of antiquity and the Middle Ages. Osh was main trading centre on crossroads.  

Silk Road countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can offer you guided tours of any type and duration, including sightseeing tours, train tours or weekend adventure tours. During the trip in Central Asia, you will see various monuments of the cities on the Great Silk Road and taste the original life of local people, enjoying at the same time the region’s beautiful nature landscapes and the amazingly delicious oriental cuisine. Each of the countries is a jewel of itself. Rich history and culture, traditions and specialties united by Central Asian Hospitality.

Silk Road as a meaningful object of cultural heritage, which will fill your trip in Central Asia with bright emotions.

The Kyrgyz Republic is a multinational and multicultural country, which hosts over 80 distinct cultures and nationalities. These ethnic groups are Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Russians, Uighurs, Dungan, Koreans and others. This multiethnic environment had an impact on the development of the traditional food of the country. Historically Kyrgyz Nomads cooked meat, dairy products, wheat flour and some spices. It changed from the time of nomads and transition to agriculture. Geographically located in the heart of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan historically featured three major routes of the Silk Road gaining influence from cuisine from nearby neighbors.

While travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will get to know not only the culture and traditions of people, but also enjoy cooking and tasting of different national dishes. During your stay in Kyrgyzstan, you will enjoy the taste of fish, organic vegetables, meat, lamb, homemade honey, ice cream, fruit, and traditional breads. In addition, you will try the national drinks Kymyz (the most popular drink with nomads that live in jailoos or summer pastures), Bozo (fermented barley, usually drunk in winter) and Jarma (fermented millet, drunk in summer).

You will have the chance to cook together with a local hostess and eat traditional dishes like: Osh-style plov (rice with meat), shorpo, kuurdak (pieces of grilled mutton or beef cooked with spices and served with fresh herbs), lagman (thick noodles served in a spicy sauce with onions, tomatoes, and cabbage), chuchpara (small pieces of dough stuffed with meat and onion served with a broth), manti (steamed, stuffed dumplings), boorsok (pieces of dough fried in oil), kattama (puff pastry with lard and onions), and chak-chak (a dessert food made of deep-fried dough drenched in a hot honey syrup), Beshmarmak (a shaved, boiled meat mixed with noodles), shashlyk (kebabs of mutton, beef, or chicken served with onions and vinegar) and many of other dishes.

There are dishes, which cooked without meat only with vegetables and cereals. Variety of fruits and vegetables are widely spread in the country. You may be able to find nuts, lentils, rice and beans, as well as fresh milk products, and eggs. Bread, which is cheap and sold fresh in stores and roadside shops, is another good option.

Traveling in Kyrgyzstan will get you the most unforgettable impressions of the nature, culture and delicious traditional cuisine.

In our environmentally conscious world, ecotourism has turned into the new way to travel. The majority of Kyrgyzstan is remote, untouched and pristine part preserved from the ancient Silk Road. Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful paradise remained in the Tien-Shan Mountains boasting countless gorges, valleys, meadows, waterfalls, mountains, and alpine lakes, crystal clear rivers not to mention numerous state reserves, national parks, and biospheres. 

Kyrgyzstan is home to many rare species of flora and fauna. The most famous animals in Kyrgyzstan are Marco Polo Sheep, snow leopard and Siberian Ibex. Its natural habitat is in high Tien Shan Mountains anywhere from 3500 to 7000 meters. Kyrgyzstan also contains a large number of plants and flowers.  Traveling in the mountains in spring will give you a glimpse into the diversity of flowers and plants you may never even have seen.

The country has great opportunity to do eco-friendly tours by foot, cycling, trekking or horseback riding. People traveling across the country can enjoy accommodation in yurt camps, spend nights camping in tents underneath the stars, relax and get acquainted with the rich, nomadic culture of the Kyrgyz people. Tours with nomads are a great way for tourists to help local families and contribute to the local economy.

The journey through the most beautiful and picturesque part of the country includes the main natural attractions and destinations like Issyk-Kul Lake, Son – Kul, Karakol, gorges and villages on the slopes of the great Tean-Shan and much more.

Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful country for eco and agro-tourism with its endless potential for eco-tours. Nowadays, it attracts increasing number of travelers by its diverse scenery and sustainable tourism initiatives, local nomadic culture and outdoor activities. 

This natural way of travelling will allow you to experience Kyrgyzstan in full measure and coming back home relaxed and packed with unforgettable and bright impressions.