Coronavirus and tourism in Kyrgyzstan

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Constant updating of news about the easing, which is being implemented by certain countries, encourage with the positive dynamics of improvement of the situation in our country and around the world.  

Now each of us wishes finally to leave home, go for a walk and go on holiday to other countries. Nature, mountain landscapes, fresh air, a light breeze from pearl lakes are still waiting for you in Kyrgyzstan.

We observe the situation with COVID-19 closely and take care of the safety of our guests. 

With this posting, we want to inform you about the coronavirus and tourism in Kyrgyzstan, about important plans for 2020. The accommodation chain Nomad Lodge is pleased to welcome guests according to the new procedure:

  1. This year reservations can be changed or cancelled in a period of 7 working days before your arrival. You should inform us about the decision at For further information please call us using this phone number: 00 996 312 62 62 23 81. 
  2. There are 13 rooms in Nomad Lodge Kochkor Hotel, according to the innovations in 2020, will be able to accommodate maximum 20 people during one-time check-in, following all safety performances. 
  3. There are 18 rooms in the Nomad Lodge Karakol, for the 2020 season; the maximum capacity of accommodation is no more than 30 people, following all safety terms.
  4. There are 10 yurts at Nomad Lodge Jety – Oguz Yurt Camp, for the 2020 season, the maximum capacity will be 6 yurts, the area of each yurt is 30 m². We are planning to accommodate 2 persons in each yurt instead of 4 as before, as a safety measure. The camp will be able to accommodate maximum  12 people in one-time check-in, in order to protect the life and health of each guest.
  5. Nomad Lodge Tamga yurt camp on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul will also accommodate guests. The camp will have 14 yurts of 30 m² each. We are planning to accommodate 2 persons in each yurt instead of 4 as before, as a safety measure. We plan to accommodate during one-time check-in maximum 2 groups of 28 people in total. There are two dining yurts in the camp, so that a schedule will be made and each group will be served in different dining yurts. 
  6. The Arslanbob Beekeeper’s Lodge will accept only one group at a time, i.e. 7 people in a one-time check-in, in order to reduce the risk of groups mixing. 
  7. The decision was made not to set up the yurt camp – Nomad Lodge Son – Kul this season. We are accepting booking requests only for 2021. 
  8. We are also planning a shuttle service to the accommodation facilities, it will be minibuses, in terms of landing and distance between each client, so each minibus can take maximum of 8 people with 14 available seats.
  9. Guides and drivers, in their turn, have been informed of the health and safety standards and will apply the knowledge gained to brighten up each guest’s journey. 

In addition, a detailed COVID-19 prevention manual has been made available to the accommodation facilities of Nomad Lodge, which describes methods and procedures to prevent transmission. 

We strive to maintain high standards of cleanliness and want you to have no worries during your stay to ensure that you receive the quality you expect from the Nomad Lodge chain. Nomad Lodge staff are familiar with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and will follow all necessary regulations to make your holiday safe. All facilities under our brand will be equipped with sanitary facilities, sanitary treatment of rooms, premises and surroundings, regular ventilation of the premises. Each customer will be provided with personal hygiene products: towels, napkins, etc. 

Coronavirus and tourism in Kyrgyzstan is an important topic of discussion. Our goal is to ensure safe travel. We have adapted and follow the standards developed in accordance with the recommendations and information published by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 31 March 2020 and the Ministry of Health of our country.

The trip is a dream that each of us would like to realize soon. The main priorities of the Nomad Lodge accommodation brand are the safety and well-being of our guests.

 We look forward to meeting you soon in one of our accommodations!